Goblim, a mobile app to store and share pictures

Send pictures from your Android device to your favourite Lut.im instance for storing and sharing.

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How does it work?

Goblim allows you to upload pictures to the Lut.im server of your choice. As Lut.im is also free sofware, you can host it yourself.

There are two ways of using the application on your mobile device:



There is still space for discussion and improvement!



Version 2 published.


The application is now available through the F-Droid store.

2015-07-27 App accepted to F-Droid Application Store

The application should be available on your phones through the F-Droid store soon.

2015-07-25 App publish on Google Play Store

The App has been published today on the Play Store: Get it!

2015-07-07 Cited by Cursus.edu

Confiez vos photos à Lutim : degooglisation en cours.

2015-05-24 Incoming V1 Android App!

Thanks to the time spend by the currently alone developer & testing from the community, the App will be published soon.

2015-05-03 V1 planified

Let's launch the project.

Community & Supporters


Source Code

The source code is available on GitHub: Goblim.


The App has been developed by Schoumi, thanks to support from Cypou & Moala.


The app is alive thanks to community donations. Please show your support by donating.